Most beautiful place.

1001268_10151569894450780_442127496_n 1173760_10151569559315780_477322415_n 1176347_10151569560330780_917397120_n 1185884_10151569894680780_751461570_n 1209113_10151569894860780_1597119063_n 1229874_10151569896685780_968327215_n 1236662_10151569893325780_1701170870_n 1237071_10151569558320780_814415598_n 1240079_10151569893990780_926168821_n 1240650_10151569893945780_889199070_n

Zurich was one of my favourite destinations!!! Extremely beautiful with amazing architechture, people and atmosphere. Felt really lucky to have this flight on my first month of flying as its a hard flight to get. Enjoy the pictures!



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