First Layover. Hello Paris.

I was very lucky that my first layover was Paris!!! They say its the most romantic place in the world. Too bad I didn’t have a nice hunky man around me ! Bad timing!

It didn’t start off as I hoped it would.. so it first started with me losing my bag and going crazy to find it. Most of my friends would be like “Thats totally you!” BUT it was frustrating! New job, new country, and I seemed to have forgotten all the French I learned in Grade 10!! Anyways, I started the journey with two other girls who were as eager to see the place if not more. It’s funny, I did this trip a year ago and I still remember everything!

It was a loooonnnggggg hour ride in the cab that charged us 50 euros! Any who, so we reach the Eiffel Tower and we see these military men standing with huge guns, which scared me a lil. We see the gorgeous Tower, which looked the exact same in the pictures. It was a moment I will never forget!

We ended up staying the whole day in Paris and returning at night(not by choice), oh just cause we got lost for 3 hours in the metro cause nobody spoke a word of English. At that point I was really frustrated!! Anyways, we somehow managed to get back after a long ride! And I didn’t have anything to eat the whole day! So I thought I could have a meal in the hotel. Little did I know they couldn’t understand me! LOL! All I wanted was a croissant!! And the receptionist didn’t understand me so she came up to my room where I had to google what a croissant looks like!! It was really funny!

This was how my first layover went down! An eye opener at its best. It taught me the importance of a map and knowing how to use it, also that I need to learn some more french:(

I actually still suck at using maps though.. =/

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