A day out in Dubai.. (when I was new and did touristy stuff) =D!

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This was my first time actually exploring this amazing place with one of my amazing friends who thankfully had a car to take me around 🙂 haha

Souk Al Bahar in Madinat Jumeirah is gorgeous. It is an amazing blend between modern and old arabian heritage. It has hundred’s of amazing shops with boutiques, handcrafted and man made pieces, jewelery and much more. It is a little over priced in my opinion but you can always grab a bargain.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

And a very Happy New Year to you all!!


My first time in the UK – Birmingham

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This was my first layover in UK. The flight was hectic as hell but overall a good experience. To date the UK is one of my least favourite destinations 😛 Its always so cold, dull and rainy..

All I remember doing on this layover is going to buy some stalkings and unhealthy snacks, so I could watch a show in my hotel room 🙂

Next time I go there I hope to see  the place!

lol I lied, I’ll prob still be binging in my room… thats what Uk flights are for crew.

Most beautiful place.

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Zurich was one of my favourite destinations!!! Extremely beautiful with amazing architechture, people and atmosphere. Felt really lucky to have this flight on my first month of flying as its a hard flight to get. Enjoy the pictures!


Nin Hao ! Beijing, the craziest flight ever!

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One of the loonnnnggggest days ever! Flight was hectic as hell and so was the layover. But got to visit The Great Wall of China which not many people have done. Its ones of those things you checked off your bucket list, and I’m glad its over with! The crew not only wanted to see The Great Wall of China but also wanted to walk all the way till the end until our legs were going to fall off… after a long 4 hour drive !! But I must say, it was one of the best things I have ever seen.

China is one of the first most unique countries I had visited. Never had I been exposed to their culture and people. We also visited the Forbidden City which was great. All in one day ! Try doing that after a 6 hour flight 😦 !

Enjoy the pictures!!!

First Layover. Hello Paris.

I was very lucky that my first layover was Paris!!! They say its the most romantic place in the world. Too bad I didn’t have a nice hunky man around me ! Bad timing!

It didn’t start off as I hoped it would.. so it first started with me losing my bag and going crazy to find it. Most of my friends would be like “Thats totally you!” BUT it was frustrating! New job, new country, and I seemed to have forgotten all the French I learned in Grade 10!! Anyways, I started the journey with two other girls who were as eager to see the place if not more. It’s funny, I did this trip a year ago and I still remember everything!

It was a loooonnnggggg hour ride in the cab that charged us 50 euros! Any who, so we reach the Eiffel Tower and we see these military men standing with huge guns, which scared me a lil. We see the gorgeous Tower, which looked the exact same in the pictures. It was a moment I will never forget!

We ended up staying the whole day in Paris and returning at night(not by choice), oh just cause we got lost for 3 hours in the metro cause nobody spoke a word of English. At that point I was really frustrated!! Anyways, we somehow managed to get back after a long ride! And I didn’t have anything to eat the whole day! So I thought I could have a meal in the hotel. Little did I know they couldn’t understand me! LOL! All I wanted was a croissant!! And the receptionist didn’t understand me so she came up to my room where I had to google what a croissant looks like!! It was really funny!

This was how my first layover went down! An eye opener at its best. It taught me the importance of a map and knowing how to use it, also that I need to learn some more french:(

I actually still suck at using maps though.. =/

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1st night out in Dubai…

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Yes, Dubai is an amazing party place! A lot of the crew get bored with the partying after being here for sometime but I somehow never managed to get bored! My fav club in Dubai is Cirque le Soir!!! Best music, best entertainment and always a good night no matter what. This was my 1st night out with the girls, a great experience for us all and loved every moment of it!

Dubai is pretty much what you imagine in your head, best of cars(might be rented though LOL), amazing dressed people, rich people, snobby people, multicultural people, all sorts! Been here one year and still have a blast.

Enjoy =D !

Work hard, play hard.

So after a long 2 months of studying like a crazy person, we finally got our break and got to venture on our dream job! The picture with my uniform is the first time I put it on which was very exciting. The funny thing is, after training the real hard work and learning starts. And the thing about this job is that you learn something new each day and can never know enough.

This time we all had loads of emotions running through our veins and the excitement of travelling the world had just set in again. Soon enough we were on our way to be trolly dollys! woooooooo 🙂

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Training College.

Training College was one of the hardest and challenging things I have ever done, but I’m glad I somehow survived and came out alive. Studying night and day for 2 months was insane and mind boggling and it can get overwhelming as you feel all sorts of emotions during this phase. This job is not for everyone. You need to be a very strong minded and dedicated person. Everyone thinks this job is all glitz and glamour but when you actually start training and working you soon come to realize its the opposite.

I am glad I made it this far and all I can say is this experience is one that everyone should encounter as it makes you learn what a grown up feels like. I’ve had responsibilities and pressure since I was 14 but for a lot of people who come from different parts of the world, who have never worked a single day in their life or had to take instructions from someone is even more challenging!

After all this training, there is a reward and that reward is basically travelling the world for free and being an independent young woman or man. Its a dream most of us hope we accomplish one day in our lives.


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